Winner: Hamilton’s Great Adventure

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The other day we asked you guys to produce a caption to win one of 5 Steam copies of Hamilton’s Great Adventure, kindly given to us by Fatshark. The winners are:


[Your Caption Here]


Jafarius the Liontamer: “Sshhhh… It’s Kurt Wussle season. Uhuhuhuhuhuh!”

excel_excel: “I will solve this puzzle. WITH THE POWER OF CHIN.”

HardOntologist: “Gates. Why did it have to be gates?”

Kovach_: “How the hell am i going to steal these huge golden stairs…”

Ben Unkle III: “And you thought “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” was an odd turn for Dr. Jones…”


Congratulations to  the winners, we will be emailing your code soon.

For everyone else; remember it’s the taking part that counts.

And since it seems most of our readers are fans; When we hear any news of the next Stargate or Indiana Jones games, you guys will be the first to know.

Remember to look out next week for our review.


Hamilton’s Great Adventure @ Steam


By Dean Bowes

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  1. Can’t wait to play… I’m a sucker for local co-op… so glad to see some indie developers bringing it back!

    1. Yeah, you should check out Capsized as well. The local co-op in that one is phenomenal.

      In Hamilton, the local co-op consists of one player controlling Hamilton using WASD, and the other player controlling his bird Sasha using the mouse. It’s not really an official co-op mode so much as it is just letting someone take over the mouse portion of the controls, but honestly it’s the only way I can see anyone getting high scores/best times on some of the harder levels. It’s pretty difficult to control both characters at once by yourself.

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