Carpe Fulgur Announces “Fortune Summoners”

Carpe Fulgur, localisers of indie hit Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale, announced earlier this week that they’d be taking Lizsoft’s “Fortune Summoners: Secret Of The Elemental Stone” to the Western world as their third project.

Announced at AnimeExpo in Los Angeles last weekend, Fortune Summoners is described as a side-scrolling action-RPG, “much like Zelda II”, as studio lead Andrew Dice has put it on his blog. Graphics-wise, it looks much the same as Recettear does with its Japanese stylings, and the game will also support gamepads, have the original voice acting (as opposed to the improved voiceovers in the original Japanese Deluxe edition – which Carpe Fulgur haven’t licensed), as well as being DRM-free.

Carpe Fulgur have tentatively targeted a Holiday release window for Fortune Summoners, although whether this will interfere with work on the since-delayed Chantelise, this remains to be seen.

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By James Henderson

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