Friday Freeloader: Warsow

warsowlogo Warsow is the star of this weeks Friday Freeloader. It’s a simple twitch-based online FPS with all your standard multi-player FPS game modes with a nice variety of weapons and a great visual style. If you’re burned out on your Modern Warfare’s and Battlefields and want something to spice up your shooter routine then Warsow is the game for you.


Warsows main gimmick is it’s emphasis on high speed movement. This is mostly focused on the ‘special’ button, which allows you to dash about or perform wall jumps making travelling around maps a very fast paced affair. As you ‘bunny hop’ you also build up more and more speed too. Warsow is a game where you are expected to be always on the move. (I will say that the trailer seems to be sped up, it’d not that fast)

For a game built upon the 1997 Quake II engine Warsow certainly doesn’t look it’s age. Sporting a overly saturated look of strong primary colours and cell shaded characters Warsow certainly goes against the crowd.  Personally I think the two separate shading methods detract from each other, but it doesn’t detract from the game play, and with players standing out from the maps it does help with highlighting where to point and shoot.

The installer itself comes with several modes. Most of the gameplay is online against opposing players, though you can fight a local bot match, or go through the non-interactive tutorials on the styles of play. There isn’t a huge population on Warsow, but there are a large amount of servers, which should be great for getting together with friends. It’s use of the quake II engine also means it will happily run on a low-spec system.

If you’re wanting to get back into the old glory days of twitch shooters Warsow is well worth a shot.

By Dean Bowes

Founder of the site. Based in Britian I'm primarily a PC gamer, looking to spread my wings to the best the games industry has to offer.