Preview: SSX

So, SSX is back. The popular Snowboarding franchise from last generation has returned but is it a glorious comeback or a cash in on a much loved name?

Review: The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D

How do you approach reviewing a game like Ocarina of Time? How do you review a game so universally acclaimed by critics and loved by fans? If you’ve been gaming for any length of time then certainly you’ve heard the crazy amounts of praise the original game has received, and rightly so, it brought an… Continue reading Review: The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D

Minecraft Meets Medal of Honour

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past six or seven months then I’m sure you’ve heard about Minecraft, the open world, build anything sandbox game that’s become a phenomenon among gamers, even though it’s still in beta. But while thousands praise it, there are many who aren’t fans of it, myself included,… Continue reading Minecraft Meets Medal of Honour

Black Ops “First Strike” Map Pack Coming Feb. 1

Dan Bunting, Director of Online for Treyarch, has confirmed on Major Nelson’s podcast that the first of what will most likely be many map packs will be arriving, as a timed exclusive for 360, on February 1st. Details inside.

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Achievement Unlocked: A Retrospective

As some of you may know this week marks the 5th anniversary of the Xbox 360’s North American launch and along with it came Achievements, loved by some, hated by others but so deeply set in the industry now that they’re not going anywhere. An arbitrary system usually with no other reward than the satisfaction… Continue reading Achievement Unlocked: A Retrospective

Review: Call of Duty Black Ops

With the months of anticipation over, Call of Duty Black Ops is finally here. Taking a turn from their previous WW2-based Call of Duty games, this is Treyarch’s chance to prove to the world that they aren’t just the B-Team and can do better than Infinity Ward. So, do they manage it or is this… Continue reading Review: Call of Duty Black Ops

Review: Shibuya: Everything Falls Into Place

Shibuya is an iPhone arcade puzzler from Nevercenter Games, an Indie developer out of Salt Lake City. You may have heard of Shibuya since it was part of the PAX 10, a showcase of 10 of the best Indie games around.  It’s quick, stylish and addicting, just like any good puzzle game should be.

Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam Expansion

[youtube=] Announced via the above trailer at today’s EA, E3 press conference the new Vietnam Expansion to Dice’s popular shooter will be launching this winter. The expansion pack seems to be multiplayer only given the details on the official Battlefield blog, but it could contain single player portions as well. The expansion will contain four… Continue reading Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam Expansion

The Humble Indie Bundle

I know we haven’t updated for a while due to time constraints on all of us here but I felt that this deserved sharing. Indie game dev Wolfire has teamed up with other popular indie devs to bring you The Humble Indie Bundle, a group of five indie games, World of Goo, Aquaria, Gish, Lugaru… Continue reading The Humble Indie Bundle

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