Black Ops “First Strike” Map Pack Coming Feb. 1

Dan Bunting, Director of Online for Treyarch, has confirmed on Major Nelson’s podcast that the first of what will most likely be many map packs will be arriving, as a timed exclusive for 360, on February 1st. Details inside.

Bunting told Major Nelson that the pack would include four competitive multiplayer maps: Discovery, a map based off the Reznov mission from the single-player but instead of taking place in the ’40s as in the campaign it will take place in the game’s “present”, meaning the station will have been abandoned for quite some time;  Kowloon, again based off the single-player mission that took place in the city, will see players battle across rainy rooftops at night; Berlin Wall, a battle between East and West Germany at the famous Checkpoint Charlie and lastly Stadium, a hockey rink and athletic complex in the US…yeah, not sure how they came up with that one.

Bunting added that Treyarch felt they learned a lot from the maps shipped with the game in terms of what people liked. He stated that players really enjoyed the interactive elements (such as the giant doors in Radiation) and the verticality of the maps, something that CoD hasn’t had too much of. Treyarch’s goal was to include more of both these elements in the new maps.

Like previous World At War packs, First Strike will also include a zombie map, this one called Ascension. Sadly, for fans of shooting mindless corpses in the head, Bunting said he was unable to go into further detail at this time.

The pack will cost 1200 MS Points, or $15 normal people dollars, and will be out on XBL on Feb. 1st. Although no PSN release was announced, it’s probably safe to assume it will follow in a month as it was for both MW2 Map Packs.