My Game of the Year: XCOM: Enemy Unknown

If there’s such a thing as a “Gaming Journalism Ten Commandments”, I’m relatively certain this post is breaking at least one of them. Somewhere in there there’s got to be a “Thou shalt not make a game you haven’t finished your Game of the Year”, likely following commandment number seven, “Thou shalt not give Duke… Continue reading My Game of the Year: XCOM: Enemy Unknown

My Game of the Year: Tokyo Jungle

I wanted to be writing about Persona 4 Golden, but my conscience wouldn’t allow it. Giving 2012 Game of the Year to a 2008 game that was simply rereleased is obviously cheating, and I couldn’t do it. And while it’s certainly the game I’ve enjoyed most this year, it’s for the best that I can’t… Continue reading My Game of the Year: Tokyo Jungle

Free to Play: Team Fortress 2

Out five years this year, Team Fortress 2 has been played and enjoyed by millions. After a year as a free-to-play game, has Team Fortress 2 retained its unique blend of class-based fun or has the weight of all the items on the Mann Store and all those free-to-play gamers crushed the quality of this… Continue reading Free to Play: Team Fortress 2

Curiosity – What’s Inside the Cube

In early March of this year, Peter Molyneux, a games industry veteran, parted ways with Lionhead and Microsoft after working with them for fifteen and six years, respectively. He embarked on the founding of a new games studio, 22Cans, with several other Lionhead veterans, and they have now released their first… experiment: Curiosity – What’s… Continue reading Curiosity – What’s Inside the Cube

Auto Modellista: How Capcom’s Only Racing Game Crashed

Racing games are a tough breed. If you’ve got brand recognition from a tournament, you’re doing alright, but if not, you need to be bringing something totally new to the table in order to make your game endearing. Gran Turismo did it with in-depth realistic modification options, and simulation handling. Forza Motorsport did it with… Continue reading Auto Modellista: How Capcom’s Only Racing Game Crashed

Of Daughters and Dishonored (Spoilers)

Dishonored is a first-person stealth action game that smells sweetly of Thief and Bioshock. Beneath the sinister cloak-and-dagger gameplay and masterfully realized setting, there lies a chaos system. It gauges your carnage, tallies your eviscerations, considers your subtlety, ponders your disposition toward revenge or mercy and changes the world accordingly. It also changes your daughter.

Shameful Gaming Month

Shameless Gaming Month is something a lot of the writers and the folks over on the X-Talk forums are participating in. As many did last year, they’re completing the uncompleted, playing the unplayed, and perhaps getting around to letting go of that one game they didn’t want to finish simply because they didn’t want it… Continue reading Shameful Gaming Month

Exactly as Planned

You’ve walked a thousand miles, slain a million foes, and finally, the world is safe. It’s okay to lay down your sword, because justice has been served, and evil has been slain. And then you hear someone clearing their throat. This is the Magnificent Bastard, and they’re about to break some bad news.

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How Fighting Games Fail

Is there anything like the rush of a really good fight? Whether in an arcade (read this article to know more about arcades) or in your living room, playing Street Fighter or Tekken, there’s something at the core of fighting games that is just an incomparable experience. There are no powerups, there is no kill… Continue reading How Fighting Games Fail