Futureproof: A Matter of Convenience

It has long been the hope of gamers for the walls dividing consoles and PCs to be torn down. From exclusives to features to controls, there have always been factors keeping the two apart. But each generation, we get closer and closer. And the truth is… that hasn’t been a good thing.

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My Game of the Year: Tokyo Jungle

I wanted to be writing about Persona 4 Golden, but my conscience wouldn’t allow it. Giving 2012 Game of the Year to a 2008 game that was simply rereleased is obviously cheating, and I couldn’t do it. And while it’s certainly the game I’ve enjoyed most this year, it’s for the best that I can’t… Continue reading My Game of the Year: Tokyo Jungle

The Dice Don’t Lie

Here at Press X or Die, we tend to focus on the video part of the gaming hobby- those which you can actually press X during, if you will. Board Meetings (written by my friend Johnny Niska) was a welcome breath of fresh air though, and I was wondering if you might entertain me in… Continue reading The Dice Don’t Lie

Review: Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

Of all gaming’s great franchises, few have the proud musical history of Final Fantasy. Masters like Nobuo Uematsu and Hitoshi Sakimoto, among others, have graced it with their talents, creating memorable, majestic tracks like One Winged Angel, The Man with the Machine Gun, To Zanarkand, and much more. They’ve sold albums of this music, made… Continue reading Review: Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

Review: Gravity Rush

It’s happened again, hasn’t it? Another system, freshly released and dying for good software, has an interesting looking new IP, and everyone decides that it must be that system’s “Killer App.” And once again, with the finished product in our hands we can say that that really… just isn’t the case. Gravity Rush is not… Continue reading Review: Gravity Rush

Exactly as Planned

You’ve walked a thousand miles, slain a million foes, and finally, the world is safe. It’s okay to lay down your sword, because justice has been served, and evil has been slain. And then you hear someone clearing their throat. This is the Magnificent Bastard, and they’re about to break some bad news.

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How Fighting Games Fail

Is there anything like the rush of a really good fight? Whether in an arcade (read this article to know more about arcades) or in your living room, playing Street Fighter or Tekken, there’s something at the core of fighting games that is just an incomparable experience. There are no powerups, there is no kill… Continue reading How Fighting Games Fail