Bit-Tech look at UK Game Industry


This week British online mag Bit-Tech are doing ‘Made in the UK Week’, a week long look at the UK game industry over the past 40 years and its various stars. It’s currently on day two (well Day three most likely now) and have 2 articles for you to catch up on.


The first is their opening look at the past 40 years, the creation of the UK games industry, its gradual decline, and its current position within the global arena. Their second is an interview with Introversion, famous for DEFCON and Darwinia, with upcoming game Subversion. (which I’m interested in, so expect some coverage of that)

For anyone interested in the UK games industry, any of its companies, or a look at how countries have developed differently from Japanese or American console influence, I suggest bookmarking the below page.

‘Made in UK’ Main Page


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By Dean Bowes

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