PCSX2 gets a 2010 revamp


Popular PS2 emulator PCSX2 has had a major update to version 0.9.7 at the end of last month (yeah I’ve known about this a week or so). PCSX2 allows you to play your PS2 games on your PC, and if your PC is up to the task it’ll let you run them in HD with added touches like anti-aliasing, save states etc.

PCSX201 The new version features a handy set-up wizard that helps you set up your plug-ins and such on the first launch. The main program still has the same double windows of console (as in the log) and output window. It’s main tweaks are in the menu system, and a easy ability to switch between loading from the disc tray and from an ISO. The various plug-ins also get a slight revamp, but for now not much to write about. I can’t speak strongly about any under-the-hood tweaks or performance improvements, though the new version should increase compatibility with games. I’ve only given it a blast with FFX, my usual PCSX2 test game, and it works fine, boots up great. Even gets past the opening sequence.

Just download the new version below and give it a whirl yourself. (follow their instructions closely first)

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