FTL for iPad Takes Flight April 3rd

Faster Than Light, the 2012 rogue-like space adventure game and Kickstarter success story that we really enjoyed, is receiving its eagerly awaited iPad version on April 3rd. This coincides with the Advanced Edition upgrade that PC players will be getting, with the new content also included for iPad players. The game fanatics are already rushing… Continue reading FTL for iPad Takes Flight April 3rd

Appetizers: Calculords

Probably the weirdest Venn diagram I’ve ever imagined in my head, consists of mathematics, role-playing games, and turn-based strategies. More often than not, you’ll see any given 2 of these combined – number-crunching DPS data on some MMORPG somewhere, monitoring resource intake so you can plan future moves in strategies, or just turn-based RPGs like… Continue reading Appetizers: Calculords

Review: Drox Operative

In today’s video gaming world, where more and more games are carving out a very specific identity for themselves, it’s a bit refreshing when one comes along every now and again where it doesn’t give you one at all. Drox Operative, may be just that game.

Sega Signs Warhammer License

In a move that might surprise a few people, Sega have acquired a license from Games Workshop to make games based on the Warhammer property. Given that the Warhammer 40K series is one of recently-ailing THQ’s top draws, what does that spell for both parties?

Review: FTL: Faster Than Light

I’m outnumbered 4-to-2, but the invading Space Pirates are being held off in an undesignated common room by reinforced blast doors. I’ve got options: try to draw them into the medical bay where I can take them on whilst having my health topped up. Lie in wait in a nearby narrow hallway where I can… Continue reading Review: FTL: Faster Than Light

Auto Modellista: How Capcom’s Only Racing Game Crashed

Racing games are a tough breed. If you’ve got brand recognition from a tournament, you’re doing alright, but if not, you need to be bringing something totally new to the table in order to make your game endearing. Gran Turismo did it with in-depth realistic modification options, and simulation handling. Forza Motorsport did it with… Continue reading Auto Modellista: How Capcom’s Only Racing Game Crashed

My Game of the Year: Terraria

Strenuous manual labour, fending off pests by day and a desperate quest for survival at night. Sound familiar? It probably does, but it’s not what you think. It’s the story of Terraria, a 2D platforming-based RPG. Seems a bit odd to put forward an indie game as a contender in a year that’s given us… Continue reading My Game of the Year: Terraria