Sega Signs Warhammer License

In a move that might surprise a few people, Sega have acquired a license from Games Workshop to make games based on the Warhammer property. Given that the Warhammer 40K series is one of recently-ailing THQ’s top draws, what does that spell for both parties?

In this new deal, Sega have the rights to publish Warhammer games based in the fantasy setting, with THQ retaining the 40K license, totally untouched. The Warhammer fantasy license previously belonged to EA, who published the MMORPG “Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes”. This is the license that Sega have acquired.

Sega’s first game in the Warhammer franchise is due “beyond 2013”, by way of the boffins at the Creative Assembly. I can only assume that it’ll be some form of real-time tactical strategy game, in similar vein to the Total War series, but nothing official has been revealed beyond the license acquisition as of yet.

However, I have to wonder how Sega could afford to cut this deal, given that they have had recent financial issues, and have had to undergo major restructuring, cancelling other titles as recently as March of this year.

Source: Eurogamer

By James Henderson

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