Tesco to Offer Physical Games on Demand

UK supermarket Tesco has penned a deal with Tribeka to bring its Softwide system into Tesco stores.

SoftWide is a game vending solution that authors discs on demand within a couple of minutes. You choose the game you want and it will burn it out, print out a package n pop it out the other end.

This will initially be PC games, though if we’re talking new releases and decent games I’m not sure. The Tribeka site has some big names, but wether we’ll see them and not the cheap-o games is not known. Tesco plans to expand the service to music and films in the future,  I doubt you’ll be seeing console games in this machine.

When the service comes out, planned for February, I’ll see if I can find a machine local and report back on what its like, though I doubt that physical games on demand will trump digital.

Announce @ Tribeka

By Dean Bowes

Founder of the site. Based in Britian I'm primarily a PC gamer, looking to spread my wings to the best the games industry has to offer.