Videogame Music recognised by Prestigious Award

The world famous (what, you’ve not heard of it?) Ivor Novello Awards will this year have a category dedicated to Video Game music. ‘Best Original Video Game Score’ will be joining current categories that include ‘Best Contemporary Song’, ‘Best Television Soundtrack’, and ‘Best Original Film Score’.

Recognising the increasing complexity, quality and scope of video game music from the days of 8-bit tracks this new award will be one of 6 handed out. The Ivors are the only music awards voted on by the songwriting community, unlike many others that are controlled by the publishers. Named after Welsh entertainer Ivor Novello the awards have been running for 55 years. Past winners include David Bowie, Paul McCartney of Rockband:Beatles fame, and Leona Lewis, who is providing the FFXIII theme.

As it is a British Award only soundtracks composed by British or Irish composers are eligible to win, however with the BAFTA Game awards international composers can still pick up a plaque.

The Ivor awards are held 20th May. I shall try to remember to cover the awards and its winners. (BAFTA VG Awards are in March)

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The Ivors

Past Winners

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