No Tax Breaks for UK Games Industry

Today was The Budget, for our international readers that’s the day when the Treasurer pops out with a red briefcase and tells us how poor we are, how we are going to spend money we don’t have to pay of our deficit, and how he plans on raising that money(taxes!)

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Umbrella Umbrella

Capcom Store is offering the very original Umbrella Corp Umbrella with the purchase of Resident Evil: Zero for the Wii. The game is set before the original Resident Evil and sees you fighting off the usual bunch of zombies and co. With the acclaim the Wii version of RE4 got  this could be a solid… Continue reading Umbrella Umbrella

New Final Fantasy XIII Screenshots

Can’t wait to get your hands on the next in the Final Fantasy series, XIII? Unfortunately, us westerners have to wait until next March but the wait in Japan is almost at an end, to add to the final hype, Square released a handful of new screenshots.

France court deems R4 & Co legal

In a landmark case for homebrew carts and similar hacks the French high courts today ruled in favour of flash carts. Nintendo had taken action against Divineo for supplying the carts, but the Paris courts instead called Nintendo’s actions restrictive to developers. They suggested that developers should be free to develop games for consoles, whether… Continue reading France court deems R4 & Co legal

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Epic add Epic Amount of Tutorials

Last month Epic released the Unreal UDK for free. A kit that should allow budding bedroom game designers to build their own games using the massively popular Unreal middleware behind such games as Gears of War, Mass Effect and of course Unreal Tournament. Now a month later They’ve uploaded over 160 tutorial videos showing how… Continue reading Epic add Epic Amount of Tutorials

Google Zeitgeist – Video Games

  The 2009 Google Zeitgeist is out. Googles list of the highest rising and most searched for terms of the past year. The Video Games section proves rather interesting. Video Games ghostbuster ufc saw bakugan batman arkham asylum twilight fifa 2010 modern warfare transformers 2 resident evil 5 I have to say, well it’s different to what I would of expected. Saw… Continue reading Google Zeitgeist – Video Games

IMFDB – IMDB for Guns

International Movie Firearms database covers guns from Films, TV, games and anime. It’s a Wiki layout, and very easy to search through categories to find what you want. Obviously we’re most interested in the guns featured in games. It has a rather large selection of games. From as far back as Doom to as recent as Modern Warfare 2. It unfortunately doesn’t cover made up weapons, so… Continue reading IMFDB – IMDB for Guns