France court deems R4 & Co legal

In a landmark case for homebrew carts and similar hacks the French high courts today ruled in favour of flash carts.

Nintendo had taken action against Divineo for supplying the carts, but the Paris courts instead called Nintendo’s actions restrictive to developers. They suggested that developers should be free to develop games for consoles, whether they had to use things like R4 to do so. Of course such devices can be used for piracy, but the ability to play homebrew games, add features, many of which only just added with the DSi, can be the main reason for people to use these flash carts.

If this trend continues in the courts it could see a marked rise in homebrew and indy titles for consoles, with console makers being legally powerless to stop them. Personally I find this great news. Though obviously Nintendo are not so happy.

Press Release from Assentek [Google Translate]

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