Peace Walker Release Date

The next installment in the Metal Gear Franchise hits US shores on May 25, 2010. If you can bring yourself to wait the mere 1632 hours, or roughly 9 weeks if you want to be boring about it, then there’ll be no need to import the game. It will also be released in Europe 3 days later on May 28th

Peace Walker, the 8th game released in the canonical series, places you once again in the boots of Naked Snake as he leads the Militaires Sans Frontieres to save Costa Rica from a group of soldiers and their nuclear warhead “Peace Walker.” Should you be interested, the demo is currently available on the Japanese PSN and, as you’d expect, is all in Japanese. For those without access to the PSN, the demo is also available from here.

There is currently only one other Metal Gear game in production as far as we know titled “Metal Gear Solid: Rising.” Not much has been heard about this since it’s announcement at E3, Hideo Kojima said of it in September at the Tokyo Game Show that it is far from completion.