Mirror’s Edge Sequel Cancelled – Update: Maybe?

You probably didn’t even know it was in development, did you?

Swedish website Press2Play.TV is carrying a sad, sad article on the demise of the Mirror’s Edge sequel (Google Translate version).  According to an interview with Patrick Soderlund, EA’s Senior Vice President, DICE had been working on a prototype for the game in between their other projects, but when they presented the prototype to EA they were shot down.

“Patrick tells us that Mirror’s Edge did not reach the expected sales numbers and this has halted production on the sequel – which has actually been in development. EA was shown a prototype, but said no. The project has halted – involved parties at DICE are today working on other projects. Patrick himself seems to hold Mirror’s Edge close to his heart, but then again he’s not working charity.”  (Translation by PXOD’s own Johnny Niska.)

Though it suffered from middling critical reception and disappointing sales numbers, Mirror’s Edge has nonetheless developed a strong cult following.  Many people, myself among them, truly enjoyed the departure from gaming norms and had hoped that EA would bring a sequel that would allow the franchise the recognition it deserves.  Sadly it appears that will not be the case.

Rest in peace, Mirror’s Edge, you will be missed.

Update – February 17, 2011: An EA representative has told 1UP that EA considers Mirror’s Edge “an important franchise” but that DICE is focussed on BF3 at the moment.  Calling it an important franchise would seem to suggest that Mirror’s Edge is not dead, but at the same time the representative didn’t actually deny the earlier reports of the sequel’s cancellation.  This presents Mirror’s Edge fans with an ever so thin ray of hope.

Please, EA, from the bottom of my heart:  STOP TOYING WITH OUR EMOTIONS!  I understand that even you probably don’t yet know for sure whether there will ever be a Mirror’s Edge sequel, but this is killing us.