Fathers of Gaming

Today is Father’s Day in many nations around the world. Love ’em or hate ’em, fathers make us who we are, and in gaming it’s no different. Protecting their loved ones in dire situations, providing support, or just beating up their kids over mistakes long past, these fathers can be the heroes and villains in… Continue reading Fathers of Gaming

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Game of the Year 2012

We’ve played the games, we’ve made our cases for our nominees, and we’ve now sat and deliberated and voted on our top game of 2012. And we can now reveal that our winner for Game of the Year 2012 is…

Game of the Year Public Vote 2012

You’ve seen our nominations, now you get to pick your choice for Game of the Year. Select from one of our nominated games, or add in your own. We’ll announce the winner of the public vote alongside the writers’ vote on New Year’s Eve.

Press X or Die Game of the Year 2011

Our nominations have been put forward, we’ve each had our piece on what we think should be our Game of the Year, and why. After sitting down and deciding which of these games was most deserving, we came to a final conclusion. And so, our choice for Game of the Year 2011 is…

Roundtable: Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Since we’ve all played Deus Ex Human Revolution and it was a tug of war on who’d review the game we’re doing a roundtable instead. Since this is a Roundtable instead that means isn’t so much a review as a breakdown of the game; our thoughts, experiences, etc. Beware, there will be spoilers.

Roundtable: EA & Ubisoft E3 2011

EA and Ubisoft  filled in between Microsoft and Sony. They showed off a few new titles, quite a few sequels, and brought back some old friends from last year’s E3. Follow along with our round table discussion.

Roundtable: Nintendo E3 2011

The last of the hardware giants, Nintendo, held their conference Tuesday morning, showing off a slew of games for the 3DS. But perhaps most importantly, they dropped the Wii U bomb, announcing a brand new HD console with a screen built into the controller.

Roundtable: Sony E3 2011

Sony capped off the opening day with the naming of the previously shown “Next Generation Portable”, some news on Uncharted 3, a couple of new titles, as well as some Sony exclusive deals for a few EA titles. And thus begins our second E3 Round Table.

Roundtable: Microsoft E3 2011

Microsoft opened up the pre-E3 conferences, so it’s only fitting they open our round table discussion. Here, various writers will chip in their thoughts, opinions, and highs & lows of the conferences. Let’s get started.