3DS Price Revealed?


At E3, Nintendo showed off the 3DS, it was very impressive but they didn’t give a price for it. GAME’s Swedish site lists the price at 2,799.00 kr which is about £250 or $360. Quite expensive but the website does say that the price is preliminary and subject to change. It also says that it will be released next year but again, it’s subject to change. You can find it here.


  1. 360$ for a 3DS? Wow. Handheld prices are a slippery slope for sure. When you can get a 360 arcade for 150$ it seems silly to buy a PSP for 160$ heaven forbid a 3DS for almost 400$.

    Usually Euro prices are much higher than NA prices.

  2. Well considering this originates from sweden, where we pay 100 dollars for a new console game, I imagine it’s gonna be about 270 dollars, not 360.

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