My Game of the Year: Minecraft

I can hear you readers already. “But Connor! Minecraft’s been playable for more than a year!” That’s true, but on the 18th of November 2011, the game was finally moved from beta and “released”, and that is why I’ve chosen it as my game of this year.

Preview: Journey

It's a loooooong way away.

Here in England, GameCity, a games festival, has just wrapped up. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend a lot of the events there, but one thing I made doubly sure I had time for was a live demonstration of Journey, the forthcoming game from ThatGameCompany.

Review: The Binding of Isaac

I showed The Binding of Isaac to my nine year old brother. Only in passing, as some of the content in there, I wouldn’t want him to see. He said, “Is it like Zelda?” to which I replied, “Well, sort of.”