Famitsu Reveals New Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Info

This week’s Famitsu magazine in Japan unveiled a flurry of new info regarding Capcom’s upcoming Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, the next iteration of their successful PSP franchise. We’ve got the info, as well as a link to the said scans, after the jump.

Now I’m no expert in Japanese (in fact I haven’t an iota of it), but the bountiful amount of screenshots tells us a number of things in itself. A number of the bosses are returning from Freedom Unite, and a number are also being drafted in from Monster Hunter Tri on the Wii. So far the tally of bosses stands at:

  • Rathalos
  • Rathian
  • Tigrex
  • Bulldrome
  • Agnaktor
  • Qurupeco
  • Nargacuga
  • Jinouga (confirmed as appearing on the cover art)
  • Barroth
  • Aoashira
  • Great Jaggi
  • Gigginox
  • Royal Ludroth

Boss monsters now have a new Stamina system, whereby when tired or injured heavily, they will attempt to eat other, weaker monsters, in order to heal themselves, such as series newcomer Gagua, and mainstays like the Popo, Anteka and Apceros.

There will be 12 weapon types available in the game, many carried from previous versions.

  • Great Sword
  • Long Sword
  • Short Sword & Shield
  • Dual Swords
  • Hammer
  • Hunting Horn
  • Lance
  • Gunlance
  • Switch Axe
  • Light Bowgun
  • Heavy Bow Gun
  • Bow & Arrow

The scans popped up over at the Monster Hunter Wiki this morning if you want to take a look at the game for yourself, or know Japanese and want to tell me something I’m missing out on!

(Thanks for the tip-off Alan!)

By James Henderson

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  1. Woop! Thanks for this info, I can’t wait for this game.
    I only hope it isn’t took long for a UK release.

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