Store Taking Ridiculously Overpriced Pre-Orders On Fable III

While I’d like to think that this is a serious error on their website, and that these folks can’t be serious, online retailer has listed this pre-order for upcoming Xbox 360 and Windows game Fable III for an astonishing £925. That’s a lot of moolah for a single game. I had to make sure that this couldn’t be a mistake.

It would appear that it is, although it’s not the only one. While the only other seemingly over-priced items on their store was horror Blu-Ray Day Of The Dead, standing in at £76, and a pre-order for owners CD Projekt’s stalled-in-development title THEY, listed for £55. While that isn’t obviously isn’t as much as nearly a grand, is still a lot more than the other games listed, and considering its development status, probably still too much.

THEY was put on the back-burner at the start of the year by CD Projekt in order to focus more on completing the sequel to The Witcher, while Fable III is due out on October 26th.

In the build up to prime gaming season this Fall, we remind gamers to be vigilant when buying games and make sure you know what you’re paying before you hit that Buy button.

UPDATE (16/7) – Since posting this, they have removed the offending Fable 3 pre-order.

By James Henderson

James grew up with a Commodore 64 at the tender age of 3, and has practically had a controller of some description stapled to his hands ever since. He also enjoys watching sports in his spare time, which makes him PXOD's de facto sports guy. He's been with Press X Or Die since June 2010.