What I’d Like To See At E3

e3-logo Well James has done his E3 2010 predictions, hopes and dreams already. And here’s mine. The other guys might post theirs too, so keep an eye out.

500x_kinect1One of my  top things I want at E3 is for Kinect (should give an indicator of when I wrote this) to wow me. Natal was shown off first a year ago at last E3. And  up to now apart from continuous shots of Ricochet we’ve seen hardly anything of it. All I hear about is how it’s going to revolutionize gaming.

Now I can see it having the potential to bring new folks into gaming, though its something the Wii has done rather well on it’s own. But I don’t see what it’s meant to do for the current gamers who are fine with a controller. What is it meant to do for us? I want MS to be telling us, the nerds who watch E3 live and write blog posts about it the night before, what Kinect will do for us and our gaming experience. If MS don’t look me right in the eye and tell me why Kinect will be awesome, they I will no longer give a flying monkey about it. The price would be nice to know too.

3DSAlso on the hardware front the 3DS is intriguing to me. I’ve still not fully exploited my pink DS lite yet, so I’m not looking to be an early buyer, but I just really really want to see what they’re packing into this hardware. Sounds like it could be one of the biggest things out of this E3, or potentially the next Virtual Boy, its fate hangs on a knifes edge. Aside from the obvious stuff I want to see what it’s multiplayer, media and DSware capabilities are like. Strong multiplayer could push it past the PSP for portable online console of choice. And I think Nintendo are warming to the idea that their lack of awareness in the multiplayer space is hurting them. The 16:9 screen in the FCC shot last month suggests video playback. Or maybe its the only aspect ratio Sharp make their screen in and Nintendo don’t care for video.

infamous2Game wise Force Unleashed II and Infamous II are the big sequels I’m looking forward to hearing more of. I’m a star wars fan which means any star wars gaming news will be golden for me and Infamous was a pretty funky new IP that I’d love to see continue and see where the story is taking us. I’m also looking forward to more SWTOR and FFXIV news. Which if the posters are anything to go by then I won’t be disappointed. I never played XI, so XIV is something I want to try. SWTOR I really want to like, but at the moment I’m not seeing the MMO side, so I want some news on that.


elder-scrolls-iv-oblivion-screenshot-_41 The magical game that would make E3 2010 for me would be The Elder Scrolls V. If that got announced I’d explode. I’m currently replaying Oblivion modded up to the eyeballs and it’s just making me want a new game on a new engine so much more. And it has been 3+ years since the last one, surely something is due from Bethseda. They’ve been pretty free of development time recently too, Fallout New Vegas is being handled by Obsidian.

A PSP2 announcement would be pretty neat too, though I’m not so sure on that happening hot on the heels of the PSPgo.


So that’s my outlook for what I’m wanting to hear more of from E3.

Tell us yours in the comments.

By Dean Bowes

Founder of the site. Based in Britian I'm primarily a PC gamer, looking to spread my wings to the best the games industry has to offer.