Handheld Round-up: Nerdy Specs and Comparison


Yesterday, Sony unveiled the successor to the PSP: the Next Generation Portable or NGP for short. And with the breakdowns of the yet to be officially announced Xperia Play available I thought I’d satisfy my nerdy need for charts and do a breakdown of the specs of the various devices for anyone else who is interested.

As you can see, things have certainly changed since the late-2004 launch of the DS and PSP. The power of the new devices, and the extra features like 3G connectivity, touchscreens and such certainly make for some interesting features for developers to play with. We expect more info on technical specifications of the 3DS as time goes on (Nintendo have a history of being secretive in their hardware choices), and I’m hoping to track down information on the external storage the NGP will be using. An iPhone 5 is expected to be announced later this year, so it’ll be interesting to see if it will close the gap between the iPhone 4 and NGP.

For people wanting Excel and PDF versions of this chart, I shall provide:



Correction: The DSi has 2 cameras. Sorry on that one.

Updated: I now have access to Excel so prettied up the chart (used GDocs for first chart), added in the correction and updated the download links. Also added in the sources which I guess I should have done first time round.


PSP2 Spec leak @ 01net. – This came before the announcement, but since the official specs line up, we can safely assume the rest is correct too.

NGP official specifications @ Playstation Blog

3DS vs DS/DSi comparison @ Wikipedia

Xperia Play Preview @ Engadget

Cortex-A9 specsheet @ ARM

iPhone 4 specs @ iPhone Heat

PSP Specs@ Wikipedia

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