Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock Closes on 20 Minute Finale

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock is set to end on an absolute test of endurance, as Rush’s 20-minute opener to the album of the same name, 2112, was announced to be the final track in the game’s new Quest mode.

Talking to Rolling Stone magazine, guitarist Alex Lifeson and bassist Geddy Lee said that it was a great medium for people to be introduced to new music, and that the context of the story of Warriors of Rock – which Lee and Lifeson will be co-narrating along with Gene Simmons of KISS – suited their masterpiece to a tee.

They talked a little bit about the Quest mode too. The story revolves around a man who finds a guitar in a world where music is banned, and falls in love with the creative process behind making music. Throughout the story, various different parts of the album’s story will be echoed in the events of the game, and other tracks from the album will also be playable, making it the first full album to appear on-disc in a music game that isn’t dedicated to an individual band or artist.

Rush on bringing 2112 into Guitar Hero (Rolling Stone)

By James Henderson

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  1. 20 mins!? O.O And I thought the 10 mins of TTFAF was tough. Granted I don’t know the song so it could be easy sauce but still. I can see griefers choosing this song every time on multiplayer already.

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