Bungie Aerospace

According to various reports around the internet, Bungie, creators of the popular Halo series, has registered a new trademark for computer game software and hardware under the name Bungie Aerospace. There’s even a brand new website for Bungie Aerospace, although for now it simply has a parchment background with a Bungie Aerospace logo, the slogan “Per Audacia Ad Astra” (which, if my admittedly poor Latin serves me properly, loosely translates as “To the stars through audacity”), and the words “Coming soon.”

Is this a teaser for the new IP Bungie recently announced it would be producing for Activision? Is it a new brand name for Bungie under which to produce games? Is it something else altogether? Hopefully we’ll get more information soon, although we’ll probably have to wait until after Halo: Reach launches. Whatever the case, this is certainly intriguing for Bungie’s fans.