Natal Plagued by Input Lag Issues?

131222__matrix_lTravellers Tales, creator of the popular Lego games, has stated that “[Natal is] exceedingly clever, but the lag on the input and lack of physical buttons is really going to restrict the kind of games that can be done with it,”. Jon Burton went on to say “Sony’s solution will be cheap, accurate and will put buttons at your fingertips, meaning everything from action adventures to FPSes can be handled with the same input.”

Input lag had been a fear when MS first unveiled the Natal device at E3 ‘09. However with many months left before launch it is an issue they can hopefully confront.

With Travellers Tales games aiming at the same casual markets the two new motion controls are chasing after it would be wise to calm any fears developers have of the technical limitations on each of the devices.

Natal aims to break down the barriers of gaming by removing the controller from the equation. It uses a standard webcam and IR sensor to create a 3D skeleton used to control your games and the NXE interface.

As gamers we know that we will never want to be plagued by the bad reputation of not being able to perform with our partner, so it is not for losers to resort to a little extra help to equip our weapon with the best on the market from UK Meds

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  1. Makes sense to me. Anyone remember the old PSeye games? Weren’t all that fun to play, all that accurate.

    Granted I’m sure Natal is better technically, but with Zero buttons…developers obviously had trouble with the PSeye

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