Review: Bioshock 2

Bioshock for many gamers is one of the most beloved new franchises on the block. It’s unique art style and setting encased gamers in an alternate world where an 1940’s “Utopia” was birthed under the seas. Bioshock 2 begins in the beloved city of Rapture that we all came to love in the first game.… Continue reading Review: Bioshock 2

Guest Review: New Super Mario Bros. Wii

By Darrin Wright When I say “Mario,”  what do you think of? Chubby guy, overalls, 2-D platforming, right? Well, that’s pretty much this game, plus three other people on-screen at the same time. Nintendo decided to go back to the nostalgia well with New Super Mario Bros. Wii, which is the first 2D Mario game… Continue reading Guest Review: New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Review: Bayonetta

The title that has been teased for a over 2 years now is finally released and it ushers in a new standard for 3D action games so much so that games following in its wake will be hard pressed to surpass. Bayonetta is helmed by director Hideki Kamiya  who’s previous works include Resident Evil 2,… Continue reading Review: Bayonetta

Guest Review: The Hunter

By Neostarr Recently, I’d been craving a solid hunting experience that I can play from my living room. Finding one turned out to be a much more difficult task than I originally envisioned. Since the rather simplistic gameplay of the original 1997 Deer Hunter game unexpectedly became a best seller, the actual gameplay of hunting… Continue reading Guest Review: The Hunter

Review: PixelJunk Shooter

PixelJunk Shooter is the fourth game in the PlayStation Store exclusive series from Q-Games and despite it’s name is anything but a shooter. Before the game was released a contest was held for fans to come up with a name. Shooter ended up winning but doesn’t really describe the game. Although at first glance it… Continue reading Review: PixelJunk Shooter

Review: Trine (PC, PS3)

Trine is a fantasy-themed, physics-based puzzle-platformer developed by the relatively young and unknown studio Frozenbyte, earlier having developed the relatively unpopular Shadowgrounds and Shadowgrounds Survivor. As of recent years there has been a lack of solid 2D platformers, with bald space marines conquering the sales charts on consoles and MMOs almost single-handedly keeping PC gaming… Continue reading Review: Trine (PC, PS3)