Symantec uncover Treasure Trove of Stolen Log-ins

symantec-logo-300dpi Symantec, creator of the Norton Anti-Virus service, have recently uncovered a database containing the details of  44million gaming accounts. These are usually gathered through the use of Trojans, both from dodgy downloads and in shady extensions, or through phishing sites.

The majority of the login details come from ‘Wayi Entertainment’, which seems to be some Asian gaming/networking site. But NCsoft, maker of MMOs like Aion, Guild Wars, City of Heroes/Villians, makes it near the top too. WoW has a few hundred thousand accounts pulled too. As with most credentials like this the majority would be sold on, MMO accounts are fairly lucrative, though Symantec couldn’t get the Wayi accounts estimated for value.

For those worried about this happening to them Symantec, as expected, tell you to keep your Anti-Virus up to date. Which is sound advice. For those really paranoid folks Blizzard offer up an Authenticator, to help reduce the chance of your details been stolen.

authenticator1 I’m not so sure what NCsoft have to protect accounts, though if anyone can point me to their method I’ll update the article.

So remember folks, keep your account details safe. More information, for the nerdy folks out there in the below link

Symantec Blog

By Dean Bowes

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