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For those of you who can’t afford the latest titles or are just looking to burn some time while waiting for the next game releases, here’s a list of games available for free that you may not know of.

Cave Story

Arguably one of the best freeware games ever made, the main character of the game wakes up in an underground cavern and cannot remember a thing. You start off with nothing but gradually you can find a variety of weapons and items to help make your adventure easier and even level up your weapons to make them deal more damage. This side scrolling action-adventure is worthy of anyone’s time.

Download it Here

The Ur-Quan Masters

A personal favourite of mine, it is a fan made port of the 3DO version of Star Control II, a space exploration game that sees you, the captain of a precursor ship, set out to make some allies to fight against the Ur-Quan hierarchy. You arrive at Earth to find it enslaved by the Ur-Quan, a small space station orbits it that eventually joins you in the fight. From here on out, it’s up to you how you overthrow your oppressors and make alliances. It has a fun combat system and genuinely humorous dialogue. As said, this game is a personal favourite of mine and I’d like to share it with you.

Download it Here


A very fun cave exploration game, the objective is to explore the cave, dodge traps, grab treasures and save trapped women. The cave randomly generates each time so every playthrough will be different. Throughout the game, you’ll find items that can help and shops where you can buy various items from capes to guns, just don’t steal from the shopkeeper though, he gets quite angry.

Download it Here


This game is a short one but rather difficult. It may look like a nice platformer but this game can turn rather strange rather quickly. You have to use the evert button to change between worlds at certain points and figure out how to collect the gems, each world has 2 numbers, X-Y, X is the level number, Y is the everted world, the higher the number, the weirder things get.

Download it Here

There you go, 4 great games to keep you happy.

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