Direct2Drive now in Euros

Direct2Drive has joined Steam in offering their prices in European friendly flavours. Previously it had been in US$ or £, leaving Euro using folks to the whim of currency conversion. Sometimes this could mean a good deal, sometimes a pain in the neck.

Steam moved over to Euros a few years back, but has drawn much criticism for their pricing, sometimes making European prices nearly $10+ more. So with D2D now in Euros it could lead to a fair few folks moving to D2D for their DD gaming fix.

As an example on differences in pricing Torchlight for Steam is €15.99, and €12.95 on D2D. But the bigger recent games, like Star Trek Online are both priced at €49.95. So for Euro users it may be a case of checking up on both to see about getting the best deal. But in the long run it will hopefully drive for competitive Euro prices on both stores to a more reasonable amount.

Link for Euro users

Link for non-Euro users

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