BlazBlue Coming to PC?


BlazBlue was released on PS3 and 360 in North America and Japan last June and will finally be released soon in Europe but it’s also coming to PC apparently.

French-based publisher Tradewest has announced that they will be releasing a PC port in France, it’s unknown whether it will be released elsewhere but I’m guessing it will be, if it happens at all. Tradewest have said that it will support Games For Windows Live.

I’m looking forward to it’s release here in Europe, I’ll finally get to see if it’s as good as everyone says it is.


  1. Games For Windows Live >_> *shudder*

    I’d love to see if it’s like everyone says it is as well, but I’m not a massive fan of Anime and the art style, so don’t know who well this’d lie with me. I’d try a demo if one came available though,

    1. Games for Windows Live has gotten a bad rap, but honestly its free and works pretty well. I have played Street Fighter 4 using GFWL and seems to work just great for fighting games anyways.

      On another note: I was under the impression that Tradewest was dead. They have not done anything significant since snes days. Anyone remember Battletoads vs Double Dragon? F*ing Classic!

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