Stargate Resistance

Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment, the guys working on the Stargate MMO ‘Stargate Worlds’, which is now heading to vaporware country, are also working on an FPS.

Called Stargate Resistance (bet you guessed that from the title) it is based on a post SG-1 storyline with the ‘New System Lords’ vs the SGC.

The New System Lords wish to reclaim all their old planets and a few more to boot, and the SGC want to stop them.

It seems mostly standard FPS fare, join the teams as Jaffa or SGC with various classes, bit of shooty shooty in DM, CTF etc. Unreal engine underneath it all.

It seems like it might be a decent look for folks wanting a new FPS to dig there hands into, no more modern Earth bound crap we get these days. Might be a nicer filler for guys waiting on Battlefront 3.

One jarring concern is that its announcement  is most likely riding off the recent Stargate Universe and that it already states that the game will be getting DLC. Though that’s to be expected nowadays.

Due in 2010 it could be worth a look for fans of the Stargate series’ and FPS fans alike.

Stargate Resistance

By Dean Bowes

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