Review System

Occasionally we will be running reviews on the site, be it games we’ve bought ourselves or given from developers.

When we do a review, we’ll be doing an in-depth look at the gameplay, art style, the usual stuff. Where possible we will add some footage/screncaps to illustrate parts of the review. (This will mostly be for the PC stuff)

Now for each review we’ll have a summary at the bottom of each post, for those of you who just want the down and gritty. Most folks seem to go with a numerical score system, but we personally hate them and find them too arbitrary, I’m sure many will agree. What is a ’10’ in relation to Grand Theft Auto IV and New Super Mario Bros. Wii? It tells us nothing.

So instead, we’ve come up with our own system, made of blu-tack n duck tape.

So let us explain what we have, and why we have it:

Developer: Folks tend to get a taste for certain studios, so this info could be enough to sway you

Genre: It’s not a cut-and-dry thing these days. Even FPS’s have levelling up in them now. So we point you in the direction of the genres you like.

Time: This can be another stat to sway the buyer. Maybe you want a game with infinite replayibilty, maybe long games turn you off

Gripes: Not every game is perfect. This is where we point out the games shortcomings. You got OCD against QTE’s? this is the place to look

Get it for the: Every game has its selling point. Its special trick. Here it gets to gloat all about it

Understand that each reviewer has different tastes and may not pick up on stuff that you personally might count as a ‘niggle’ or its stellar points. So ask in the comments if you have any questions and we should be able to get back to you ASAP.

We hope you find our reviews informative and helpful on buying decisions.

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