Review: Super Street Fighter IV

It seems odd to some that just a little over a year after their previous release of Street Fighter IV, (a game many claim single handily brought fighting games into the limelight) Capcom returns with Super Street Fighter IV. An update that promised more characters, stages, and online options. When first announced many gamers were… Continue reading Review: Super Street Fighter IV

Review: Bioshock 2

Bioshock for many gamers is one of the most beloved new franchises on the block. It’s unique art style and setting encased gamers in an alternate world where an 1940’s “Utopia” was birthed under the seas. Bioshock 2 begins in the beloved city of Rapture that we all came to love in the first game.… Continue reading Review: Bioshock 2

Over Northed

If you’ve been playing games at all in the past 2 years chances are you’ve run across the man, the myth, the legend, Nolan North. The established voice actor of numerous TV shows & games (Justice League & Dark Void) really stepped into the limelight with 2007’s Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. Since then it seems that… Continue reading Over Northed

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Review: Bayonetta

The title that has been teased for a over 2 years now is finally released and it ushers in a new standard for 3D action games so much so that games following in its wake will be hard pressed to surpass. Bayonetta is helmed by director Hideki Kamiya  who’s previous works include Resident Evil 2,… Continue reading Review: Bayonetta