Writers Wanted

Press X or Die is always looking for writers to add to our roster.

We’re a pretty laid-back site, so no huge commitment required. We don’t aim to become the next Joystiq, Destructoid etc. And we’re not looking to write about the same topics either. The bigger sites do a good job of covering all the bigger stories and the latest blockbuster hits. We don’t aim to replicate that, but to supplement it.

We’re looking for people who would be up for posting:

  • Gaming news: We’re not looking for the big stories, more the stuff that doesn’t get as much attention.
  • Original Writing: Opinion pieces, rants, raves, tutorials, interviews etc.
  • Reviews: We’re up for reviewing anything. At the moment we have a gap in iOS coverage, but anything is fine. Indies up to AAA titles.

Just an article a fortnight would do; but if you’re able to put out more then fantastic!

We’re a pretty small site, so writing is volunteer based. However there are a variety of perks to writing for PXOD:

  • Press privileges. For the most part that means we get press release and screenshots but also means…
  • Press access to events like PAX, E3, Gamescom, EG Expo etc. Already got a couple guys signed up for Eurogamer Expo.
  • Review codes for games. This isn’t “woot! free games!”, we’d expect you to actually do half-decent reviews. And as we’re small this is mostly indie titles or stuff for XBLA/PSN/DSware.
  • Potential opening on getting a job in games press if you’re interested in going further with it (everyone has to start somewhere).
  • A cool @pressxordie.com email address and decrypter ring. Well, you get the email address at least.

If this interests you at all, or you wish to know more, then shoot us an email at contact@pressxordie.com or directly to me at deanbmmv@pressxordie.com, preferably with some kind of writing sample. The only requirement is that you like games and can write half-decent English.