My Games of 2013 – Darrell

I've been something of a negligent father this year in games: raucous little shits bouncing around me, screaming "Da" while The Last of Us stares with broken eyes from her half-destroyed blanket fort. It's a seedy blanket hovel at best. I've been consumed by others things, though; I've hardly … Continue reading

My Games of 2013 – Dean

My 2013 in gaming has been severely lacking on previous years, having experienced both sides of the money:time equation. The first half of the year having all the time but none of the money to get games, and in the latter half I had the money but the lack of time to play them. So, for the most … Continue reading

Press X or Die Games of 2013

Normally, the “Game of the Year” feature on Press X or Die would pan out with us each pitching our top games in the run up to the year’s end and then we'd agree on our overall winner. Nice and simple, and the usual way these things tend to go. … Continue reading