Roll 6 or Die: Review – Heroes Wanted

Roll 6 or Die: Review

Heroes Wanted

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Roll 6 or Die: Review

A Study In Emerald

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Roll 6 or Die: Review

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FTL for iPad Takes Flight April 3rd

Faster Than Light, the 2012 rogue-like space adventure game and Kickstarter success story that we really enjoyed, is receiving its eagerly awaited iPad version on April 3rd. This coincides with the Advanced Edition upgrade that PC players will be getting, with the new content also included for iPad players. 


The Advanced Edition upgrade will see a new race of aliens, the Lanius, added with their own unique ship, and third ship layouts are added for existing ships. It doesn’t stop there, though. 4 new ship systems and sub-systems will also be added, as well as 15 new weapons and drones, and 11 new augmentations.

To top this all off, composer Ben Prunty is back with new music for the expansion, and new random events are also included, including some written by Chris Avellone, of Fallout: New Vegas and Neverwinter Nights 2 fame.

The iPad version will be the same Advanced Edition as the PC version, with a redesigned UI for touch controls, and no in-app purchases or advertisements. It will be available on April 3rd for 2nd-generation iPads and later, so no original iPad or iPhone support. That’s not the only snag, as initially, it will only be available in English, and won’t support cross-saving with the PC version, so you can’t carry over high scores and unlocked ships. It’ll be price-matching the PC version at $10, so it’s well worth the price at that.

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